Balance Test Video

Hello! Quick read and video here. As detailed in my previous couple of posts, I sent out a couple Gatsbys to be balanced a little over a week ago. I only sent two, rather than the entire batch, so we could confirm that the work was possible first. Well, it was! And the entire batch was sent out. It’ll be a few more weeks until the drop is ready, but for now, I have one perfectly balanced piece ready to go.

If anybody is interested in a sign-up sale for this piece only, please let me know via Facebook,, or Instagram. If you’d rather the entire batch drop at the same time, you can message me about that, too!

Here’s a video of the lift test on the aforementioned spinner for those curious:

An Auspicious Update Post

Happy Lunar New Year, to those of you that celebrate, and happy Saturday, to those of you that don’t! Regardless of inclinations, I have some news that I think everyone will appreciate.

First off, thank you for being patient while I went silent trying to make sure the Gatsby will be at its best when its delivered to you. Now to the good news! After my last update post, a community member saw the situation and offered his help. You may or may not recognize his name, but he has been doing modification work on spinners since February 2017. I’m pleased to say that, out of the goodness of his heart, Joey Bettencourt will be balancing all the Gatsbys!

Two samples were sent to him this past week to make sure that they could be balanced and so I could confirm his work for myself. One sample was one of the 3 received back from Jordy that were still wobbly, and the most imbalanced of the entire bunch. The other was my personal Gatsby. I sent these two because of my familiarity with my personal piece and because if Joey succeeded in fixing the most imbalanced piece, he would likely be able to fix the whole batch.

Thanks to his hard work, they are now both smooth-spinning and will pass the lift test. This means that when the spinner is placed on its side on a table and lifted straight up, it will either stay still on its horizontal plane or move very slowly with bias towards one arm. “Failure” of this test doesn’t necessarily mean that a spinner will wobble while spinning, but it is a good indicator for it, especially if it rotates very quickly upon lift (due to one arm being heavier than the other.)

So – next step is to ship the entire batch out to Joey, this coming Monday. He estimates that it’ll take him about 9 or 11 days to finish them all. If everything goes well, Gatsbys should be back to me and ready for release in about 3 weeks.

Thank you all for following along.

Return of the Gatsby

Hello, all. In case you missed the last couple of updates, about two weeks ago, Gatsbys were sent back to FocusWorks EDC due to varying degrees of wobble. They were returned to me yesterday afternoon and since then, I’ve been prepping them for the drop.

All the HC3zs in the spinners felt dirty when I got them, so I spent about 4 hours cleaning them, but to no avail. Damage was probably incurred from crossing the border twice. I’ve ordered new ones from FZEssentials, and those will be here this week, in time for me to swap them out.

In the meantime, I’ve been switching the gritty HC3zs out with a clean bearing to accurately test balance. Before Jordy shipped the spinners back, I asked him if they would pass the lift test. He said he has never conducted that test in thousands of spinners sold, but they passed his tests and were spinning smoothly – therefore, they should pass the lift test as well. And like he said, almost all are spinning smoothly at all speeds. However, all of them do favor one side when lifted straight up.

At this point, I’ve literally quadruple-checked each one to make sure that the spin is unaffected by the overall balance. I won’t be selling the couple that are still wobbly. And unfortunately, I don’t have the tools to balance them myself. This isn’t Jordy’s fault, since he did take them back and made sure they passed his tests. I didn’t clarify my expectations when we started, which I should have done.

Thank you all for following along. It’s been a long journey, but we are almost there. I’ll post drop details soon.

Small update.

Gatsbys were picked up to be shipped back to Jordy yesterday. RIP, original drop date. On the bright side, while the spinners themselves are being perfected, I’ve had the time to do the same for all the peripherals.

Also, I’ll be adding one extra bearing, the Harlem Hustler (8-ball ZrO2 hybrid ceramic) from FZE, to each order. Price unchanged, thank you all for being patient. Can’t wait for you to see the complete package. Happy NYE!

IMPORTANT – Drop Postponed

I expected to trip up a few times during the three-month-long sprint of taking the Gatsby from sketch to metal. There was a hurdle here and there, neatly jumped without too much worry, but Murphy’s Law has unfortunately come into play just as we’re reaching the final stretch.

Assembly of the first few Gatsbys went beautifully! I assumed the rest would follow similarly, and under the influence of holiday spirit, I announced the drop dates. I think you can guess where this is going. Jordy is a great machinist and all the spinners I received looked gorgeous, but many also had a penchant for swaying to the side like they’d had a bit too much eggnog. Flutter on the spinners was just noticeable with a two-handed spin. So I am sending them back to FocusWorks, where they’ll be set straight. Ultimately, I don’t want to send out an “almost perfect” product, and I hope you’ll understand.

Good news is you’ll have more time to save for the drop when the final final date is announced. And next time, I promise I’ll be sure before I say anything. So as of now, drop dates are TBD. Thank you all for your patience.