Small update.

Gatsbys were picked up to be shipped back to Jordy yesterday. RIP, original drop date. On the bright side, while the spinners themselves are being perfected, I’ve had the time to do the same for all the peripherals.

Also, I’ll be adding one extra bearing, the Harlem Hustler (8-ball ZrO2 hybrid ceramic) from FZE, to each order. Price unchanged, thank you all for being patient. Can’t wait for you to see the complete package. Happy NYE!

3 thoughts on “Small update.”

  1. Wow, when I saw this “Small Update” pic, I was also wondering about the buttons. Perhaps the polish helps to showcase the machining marks/swirls in such a way, as to make the buttons look like they’ve got a very cool pattern on them. Can’t wait!
    Also…awesome of you to include an FZ Essentials Harlem Hustler bearing with each order. You’re too cool, Alysia!


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