Return of the Gatsby

Hello, all. In case you missed the last couple of updates, about two weeks ago, Gatsbys were sent back to FocusWorks EDC due to varying degrees of wobble. They were returned to me yesterday afternoon and since then, I’ve been prepping them for the drop.

All the HC3zs in the spinners felt dirty when I got them, so I spent about 4 hours cleaning them, but to no avail. Damage was probably incurred from crossing the border twice. I’ve ordered new ones from FZEssentials, and those will be here this week, in time for me to swap them out.

In the meantime, I’ve been switching the gritty HC3zs out with a clean bearing to accurately test balance. Before Jordy shipped the spinners back, I asked him if they would pass the lift test. He said he has never conducted that test in thousands of spinners sold, but they passed his tests and were spinning smoothly – therefore, they should pass the lift test as well. And like he said, almost all are spinning smoothly at all speeds. However, all of them do favor one side when lifted straight up.

At this point, I’ve literally quadruple-checked each one to make sure that the spin is unaffected by the overall balance. I won’t be selling the couple that are still wobbly. And unfortunately, I don’t have the tools to balance them myself. This isn’t Jordy’s fault, since he did take them back and made sure they passed his tests. I didn’t clarify my expectations when we started, which I should have done.

Thank you all for following along. It’s been a long journey, but we are almost there. I’ll post drop details soon.

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