Eleventh Hour – Drop Info


At https://everecarre.com, posting at 6 PM PST today, accepting payment through a PayPal portal, which also takes credit card from non-account holders.

Int’l buyers please note that payment is pre-set to $148 for spinner ($144) + shipping in the USA ($4), so I’ll contact you after the drop to collect the difference in shipping. Sorry, it’ll be more streamlined next time!


One small batch made of polished bronze (C655 silicon bronze), with dimensions of 44mm x 20mm x 12mm, taking any 20mm press/slip-fit buttons, and shipping with a 10-ball ZrO2 R188 bearing (HC3z.)


Comes with a numbered COA, display, and an extra 8-ball ZrO2 R188 bearing (Harlem Hustler.) Oh, and lots of love.


Designed by Everecarre in California, USA.
Modeled by Dark EDC in Utah, USA.
Machined by Focusworks EDC in Sechelt, CA.
Polished and balanced by Joey Bettencourt in Alaska, USA.

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